Sunday, 29 July 2012

Banff National Park - popular place!

Left Banff today ( but after quick stop in the toy store- you'll hear more about that in the boys blog!)

Drove along the scenic Bow Valley Parkway and was rewarded with an elk sighting- Eric and I were so excited. We thought the boys would be thrilled but they seemed sort of blasé about it ( wonder if it just doesn't compare to the all the Hd big screen 3D stuff). Castle mountain was great to see - so iconic of Banff and ended up passing on Johnson Canyon hike when we saw the cars and campers spilling onto the road for parking! We headed onto Moraine Lake near Lake Louise and again overflow of cars and campers! But we eventually got parking- wistfully waiting for people to leave and hoping the people we spot heading to rheir car are coming our way! But it was worth it- beautiful glacier lake with its blue-turquoise waters and the back drops of the 10 peaks. I think we found the perfect "hike" for the boys, it was called the Rock Pile Hike! They had fun scrambling along and making friends with a chipmunk. Ended the day at Lake Louise campground where we are fenced in - with electrical fencing! To protect us from the bears and cougars! Some how it makes us feel even less safe.

Tomorrow we'll brave the throngs of tourist like us (though not of the same language- I like hearing so many different languages spoken) and do the popular Agnes tea house trail at Lake Louise (the actual lake)- and we've been told we'll get a parking spot if we get there before 10:30!

p. s what all tourist have in common though is we like taking pictures! And chipmunks seem to have universal cute appeal.

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