Monday, 16 July 2012

Badlands Alberta

We decided it's called the badlands because of the Mosquitos! They were abundant and relentless- felt like a struggle to escape! But, despite the ever present annoying Mosquitos, it was pretty cool! Some vistas, some hikes along the hoodoos, and a fossil safari that was turned into a lab tour because of the rains. But it was pretty exciting to see and touch so many dino fossils( and turtle, alligator ) and do a bit of micro-site digging ourselves. We saw a rattle snake up close which was pretty exciting( in a good way)! The Dinosaur Provincial Park where we were is a World Heritage Site because it has the largest concentration of fossils with over 40 different species from the Cretaceous period. They are finding things all the time still and the Duckbills(hadrosaurs) are so common they don't bother excavating them!

Tomorrow we hope to visit the world renowned Dino museum- Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller about 2 hours from Dinosaur PP. And hopefully the mosquitos are kind to us !

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