Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Made it to Sudbury Tuesday night and it was our first camping night and it was an adjustment! Everything seemed so cramped in our van, our camping spot was more like a parking lot and the Mosquitos! They were huge and hungry and swarmed our tiny van! It felt like a siege! But we survived , learned a few things about how to redistribute all our stuff so we have a bit more elbow room, and realized that the kids are the ones that have the true travel spirits. It was all still an adventure for them when Eric and I were feeling tired, strained and irritable. Looking at Sean and the sparkle in his eyes and the smile on his face helped to remind me of my former, younger camper/ traveler. So I think we are adjusting from the comforts of home to the flux of on the road traveling/camping.

We did gave a great time at Science North today- an amazing place-trully, really! Top notch. Highly recommend ta visit with kids.


  1. Funny to hear the boys are doing better than Mom&Dad in the "shifting gears" part... deep breaths... I'm sure you guys will eventually shed your urban skins. :)

  2. "urban Skins" - I like that - I think they will be slufted off soon. I am missing my fresh brewed coffee though. But hearing the waves,feeling the light breeze, and smells of pine help to make up for it!