Friday, 29 June 2012

We are off!

Lovely send off from neighbors and friends today- good way to start our trip- shifting gears here we come!

Last minute details

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Getting geared up

Our closets have been emptied, the boxes moved out and now we are left with piles. Piles for the van and piles for our trip south- both bigger than what we can feasibly take with us. So I suspect there will be another pile soon - the " we don't have room " pile.

In the mean time the boys are having fun getting geared up and we are having fun gearing up the van! Next week we will be mobile- on the move with our essentials crammed into our '84 westfalia. We are getting closer.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The awesome blog

I am very excited and I hope I can see some lizards. I am going to be so happy to see Leo, Fitz, and Peeka and I am going to be very happy to get Fitz's ball from the pond because Kris said one of us, either I or Liam, need to go into the pond to get Fitz's ball and I said I would. And I want to go rock climbing. And I'm excited to see Aunt Kris.

Liam's first blog post

I am excited but I am also going to miss my friends. And I can't wait to see Leo, Peeka, and Fitzy and Kris. I can't wait to see Fitzy jump in the water again to get a stick.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

One month left

The immediacy of the trip is starting to hit me and I find I have little butterflies of nervousness- are we really doing this? It was over 5 years ago that Eric and I talked about when we would be able to take a big trip again. When I stumbled upon the deferred leave policy at work and we started to conceive of the possibility. Sean was in preschool and Liam just emerging as a toddler. Over the years we have planned and replanned and had fun thinking about what we would do, can do with this gift of a year to travel.

And now it is here! It's no longer just a concept, an idea, a plan, a dream, it is real and it is here!