Tuesday, 15 May 2012

"home schooling" - but not really

We've been telling people we will  be "home schooling" the kids when we are away, but really we won't be "schooling" them and we won't be at "home".  And this is the part of the "big trip" that is absolute new terrain for Eric and I.  We've traveled before, we've planned big trips before, we're up for all of that and feel pretty confident we'll adapt to most of the "traveling" parts of the trip.. but fitting in the "educating" the kids in a formal sense is the intimidating part. The whole trip will, of course, be an education, learning experience, growth experience etc... very aware and tuned in to the incredible gifts traveling, this trip, will give for the kids. It's the fitting in the traditional reading, writing, arithmetic into a not so traditional year.. that is the part that I am trying to reconcile and sort out.

We do have some ideas and have very helpful tips, advice and resources offered by friends and family who are teachers and there are tonnes of internet based resources, and even found an on-line program that covers the Ontario elementary school programming! (http://www.linkonlearning.com/). So, we should be in good standing.. but I'm still pondering how this intentional learning will mesh with the open, free discovery learning that is inherent in the trip. I just hope we find a way for it to mesh and not mess! 

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