Sunday, 8 April 2012

Plans Change

Just as we think things are a bit settled and decided which allows us to do a mental check mark on our list of things that need to be sorted.. it's back on the list again. We thought we had our house rented and we were quite pleased that that biggie was dealt with, when things changed. We are back to finding someone to look after our place and back to thinking about how we want to approach that. Our alternative vacation house rental plan for Costa Rica was looking like it was being finalized.. couldn't get it for the exact time we wanted.. but we flexed.. and now even that is in question again. I'm starting to see a theme here.. not to get to settled with our plans and we are getting practice with the many and various other things we'll have to adjust and flex with along the way. Our house rental change is just one of many more to come I suspect.. but it would be nice to have a few things nailed down soon!

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  1. An adventure without adventure is not an adventure! Ejoy !