Sunday, 25 March 2012

People's reactions

Keeping the blog going could potentially be a problem when we are on the road.. it seems hard when we even have complete internet/computer access and our schedule if fairly routine. There has been a lot happening.. we started packing up the house which felt great! The de-cluttering process feels great and getting something concrete done instead of just thinking or planning for our trip feels great too. We encountered a glitch with our vacation home plans for Costa Rica.. the house we were lined up for during a portion of our Costa Rica travels fell through and we couldn't find another house for the same time frame.. so we ended up adjusting our plans (once again!) and found another house on the beach and had to adjust our timing for Costa Rica, but we actually like our new plan better now! Funny how we were so excited about our previous plan and now this one seems better.. how many times will that happen along the way? Tonnes I imagine.

But what I really wanted to blog about was people's reactions when we tell them what we are up to.. the word is getting out and we are getting more people interested in what we are up to and asking details. Also, inquiring about backbacks, insurance, etc tends to lend itself to telling our story to strangers along the way. It's so interesting when we start to relate a summary of our trip and we get blank reactions.. and then the question about what are you going to do with your house? Eric and I aren't sure if they are thinking we are nuts, wondering quietly how we are managing this or if they just don't understand.. they just aren't comprehending. Mostly though we get lots of positive reactions where people "get it"..they understand the "why" for the trip.. and mostly interested in the "how" because of genuine interest and excitement for us. It feels so affirming  to get reactions from kindred spirits in this realm but it's the blank reactions that keep Eric and I pondering and sometimes those blank reactions have a touch of judgment in them that make me feel like we are doing something wrong. But this trip, the how,  the what and the why,  just feels so right!

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