Wednesday, 1 February 2012

We better start getting ready!

"We better start getting ready" exclaims Liam after a discussion about our Big Trip. I can tell Sean and Liam are getting  excited about the trip as it's entering our everyday conversation more and more. Our big trip was something Eric and I would talk about and plan and talk some more and plan some more.. but now the kids are getting their say and it's so much fun.. and a bit dis-concerning when they demand "we better start getting ready!" Liam would like to go to the place with the big red rock.. and when we figured out what he was talking about.. it was Ayers Rock in Australia...hmm.. maybe for our next family trip!

We are making some progress on getting ready, a rental in Costa Rica confirmed, Spanish lessons started, and a quasi plan for our house while we are away.. but when I saw the calendar flip to February.. my heart raced a bit and now there is a slight flutter of panic that we better pick up the pace and pay attention to the wise words of our 6 year old!


  1. Wow... the time has come! I remember the three of us, as kids, travelling the world with our parents - Africa, South America, Europe, USA... the experiences were formative and I think gave each of us a sense of the world and cultures that we would never have understood in a Canadian classroom. And going on that safari through Kenya, Tanzania in 1973 was a lifetime highlight... Kerri was really little then, but obviously the travel/adventure bug was planted!
    We'll be supporting, following you guys ,... and hopefully join you for a leg of the trip in Costa Rica!

  2. Thanks Todd! We are hoping this trip will help Sean and Liam expand their concept of the world and build some incredible family memories a long the way. It'll be interesting to hear their perspective on these early travels when they are in their 40's!

    It'd be interesting to hear how early travel experiences as kids have impacted adult perspectives.