Monday, 20 February 2012

Little by little

The sense of urgency to get started with our preparations for our trip has subsided a bit. The idea of the Big Trip is feeling more normalized and hence the heightened awareness for preparations are diminishing.   It's strange to look back on just a few weeks ago and think of that "it's here!" feeling and not have the sense of mobilization. But maybe it's just that we are getting things done little by little and the momentousness of the trip is feeling more manageable. So, maybe it's a good thing. The  spanish lessons are going well, we have someone lined up to look after our place while we are away, and we finally found house insurance for our out of the norm circumstances (we were very surprised that it was going to be such an issue!). We even went to MEC and bought backpacks for the kids. Seeing Sean and Liam try on their kid size backpack in the store made us smile and it was that little glimpse into our future trip that really stirred the excitement up again. I guess the lesson learned is to not let the details of the preparation for the trip subdue the inner charge and anticipation of the trip.

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  1. your blog page, thanks...I am very excited to hear the details of your will be a great inspiration!