Monday, 16 January 2012

The Plan

We must be on our 300th "plan" for our trip. "What about ...? How about ...? then it's yah.. that's what we'll do, that makes sense".. just for us to turn around and develop yet another Plan. But it's been fun and this summer, when we realized that "this time next year" we'll be leaving, we started to put some more definite plans in place.. the Big Picture for our Big Trip was starting to take a more permanent shape. So, just 5 1/2 months before we leave, this is where we are at with our plan...

  • Stage 1 - the summer  Camping in Canada - take 3 months to  drive out to BC with our '84 VW Westfalia - camping along the way and showing the kids just how big and diverse Canada is, spending time with my sister in BC, then then drive back to Ontario (not really looking forward to that part, but will detour through the states which will be new for Eric and I)
  • Stage 2  - fly down to Costa Rica and spend 3 months enjoying the heat, immersing ourselves in Spanish,  meeting the friendly Costa Ricans, and learning to slow down.
  • Stage 3 - hit the road and see more of Central America - Guatemala and Belize as the main focus - see new cultures, challenge ourselves with backpacking as a family, and introduce the kids to the ancient Maya culture, maybe take some spanish classes, snorkle, experience the Garfuna and Punta Rock on the Coast of Belize, etc, etc.
  • Stage 4 - Peru.. the Plan gets pretty vague at this stage.. this is as far as we've gotten.. just Peru. 
Though we are busy with all the details of our trip (like the banking, the house insurance, who is going to look after our place etc.) and our trip seems pretty much all laid out, there is still the urge to keep tweeking and adjusting. Just the other day, we started thinking maybe we should be a bit more adventuresome and and spend more time exploring South America ..... hmmm...

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