Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's finally here

The new calendar is up on the wall and 2012 is here! It has been almost 5 years since I applied for the "deferred leave of absence" from work and we have been steadily, patiently working on the "4-5" plan. A whole year off - what luxury! So, with the new 2012 Greenpeace Calendar  up on our wall, the excitement, the inner buzz can finally be unleashed!  We are in full mode of planning and figuring out all the details, how will we pay bills while we are away,  how will we manage all our photos  (I think Picasa for sharing and then Dropbox for storage); the intimidating task of sorting out Sean and Liam's homeschooling resources, etc. etc.  The list is long but it's so exciting to be able to finally let ourselves get REALLY excited about this very special opportunity to spend a year together, to share our love of travel with our boys and just break free from our roles and routines and explore a bit! "Our Big Trip" is finally here.

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